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All the stuff you wanted to ask, but didn’t!


  • Are Drag Queens/Kings Transgender?
    There is a HUGE difference between a Drag Queen and a Transgender woman...
  • How do I know if I'm Queer?
    The age-old question that has both a complicated and a simple answer!
  • Is it okay to use the word 'Queer'?
    As a term for the broad community, 'Queer' is either embraced or shunned. So is it okay to use?
  • My partner's a Bisexual! What now?
    So you've discovered your partner, or at least someone you like, is bisexual. Does this change things?
  • What does LGBTQIAP+ stand for?
    The A-Z of Queer Acronyms!
  • Where is same-sex marriage legal?
    It's one of the most defining revolutions for Queer people in modern times: marriage equality. Where is it legal?
  • Why do we have Pride?
    And why is it necessary?