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Australia says ‘Yes’!

It was a dirty campaign, full of lies, deflection and conflation from the ‘No’ campaign – but over 60% of Australian voters said ‘Yes’ to marriage equality.

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Australia says ‘Yes’!

It’s been a long, often painful journey to this result. It’s been an expensive one, too. The No campaign has made a lot of claims which have been false, a lot of scaremongering, and at times hurtful, other times hateful.

But on the 15th November, 2017, the results were in. 61.6% of Australians voted ‘Yes’. The polls predicted it, but caution was warned not to be too hopeful. Every single state and territory voted ‘Yes’ by a considerable majority.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has promised to introduce marriage equality legislation ‘by Christmas’, but is facing opposition from the ‘No’ voters who are looking to introduce alternative marriage bills that would enable discrimination against Queer individuals by ‘conscientious objectors’ to marriage equality: whilst it was always assumed that religious pastors, etc, wouldn’t be forced to marry same-sex couples, the alternative marriage bills are looking to extend this to anyone – florists, bakers, printers, etc – essentially allowing discrimination against LGBTQI+ on the basis of opposing same-sex marriage. They are also looking to legislate for parents who do not want their children to be made aware of the existence of LGBTQI+ people, by allowing them to withdraw their children from any school lesson that features Queer people or topic.

This is hardly surprising: discrimination against Queer individuals is something that has been pushed for by religious conservatives for a long time.

The details are still to be ironed out, but at the very least, the results of the survey are clear – and the Australian Government cannot avoid this result any longer.

November 15th will surely be a date that sticks in the minds of LGBTQIAP+ Australians, and Straight Allies as a day of celebration, but also a reminder of the hard work they achieved, and the hurt and hate they had to endure to get this result.

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Australia says ‘Yes’!